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  • Angels

    18 Cumberland Street
    Liverpool,UK L1 6BU
    Monday-Friday: $10.00


    1 AdultSearch User Review
    Reviewed 04-29-2012
    Strippers Name: Elber
    The high-end restaurants will sueffr ($50+/head). People will still eat out but with diminishing and expensive credit (how often do you see people pay bills in cash?) those $100+ dinners for two won't seem too attractive. Here in Paris where restaurants are a tradition I see much longer queues in my local grocery every night. Cook at home -- 10 euros, plus a 5-10 euro bottle of wine. Same meal at resto -- 50 euros easily.The vacations will go as well -- I travel extensively on my own and with the mickey mouse dollar prices hit me. I just don't know how a family of 4 or 5 could possibly do it. I saw a McD in London last week -- an unHappy Meal was about 5 quid i.e. 10 bucks. $40 for lunch for four?People will do the "cocooning" thing i.e. stay at home, do take-out meals, watch DVDs and have a cardiac event every time they go to the petrol station.As many (incl Keith) have pointed out, those McMansions out in the exurbs where even a pint of milk is 20 minutes drive don't seem like such a good deal anymore, do they? SUCKERS!

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